Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fall that Cost the Tooth?

My twin son, Asher, fell from his bicycle while riding on it last Friday. His gums near his two front teeth was bleeding profusely for a moment after the fall. One of the front teeth was a little "chiseled" off.

It was the first fall of his life and he cried like as if a huge trauma had happened. Nevertheless, the fall had indeed caused some trauma on his two front teeth - there were "huge" movement of about 2mm, like those teeth that are falling.

We decided to bring him to the dentist. Asher's first reaction was fear - he feared the dentist might extract his teeth. Oh mine, what a reaction from a near 4-year-old kid! I had to calm him down that the dentist's job is not only extraction but also some "construction" work like "Bob the Builder". Asher finally relents.

The dentist took an X-ray of his teeth and said that the teeth is very likely broken and suggested extracting both tooth. Asher may then need a denture for that two tooth! The mommy became reluctant at this option this time around and asked if the dentist could "cement" the trauma teeth and hoped that the tissues around the teeth would grow stronger in "stabilising" the teeth later on.

The dentist somehow obliged but said Asher needs to come back for a review a month later. He thinks the tooth still need to be extracted. I was actually thinking why is this dentist so adamant in getting my young son's teeth extracted?

So anyway, I found a website useful relating to management of dental trauma here. I hope Asher's teeth do not need the extraction as that dentist suggested.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flying at the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the latest tourist attraction here and we brought our twins and their grandparents for a ride last week. As the 'capsule' of the wheelbarrow moved higher, we got a breathtaking view of Singapore city; might have been better in the night with the city lights up but the day view is equally scenic. Thankfully it was a clear day and we managed to take some "postcards" shots of the city view.

My twins, Gwyneth & Asher, are definitely ecstatic about the 'excursion' and both were running round and round in the room size capsule while it lifted higher. Look at their pose and you knew what I meant!
In fact, after the ride, the twins got some "dogs" balloons and watched a magic show. I would say to the kids, that's already a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My First Mother's Day Gift

I received my first mother's day gift last week - a card made by my three-and-a-half-year-old twins each! The twins' preschool had taught them how to make the cards. My girl, Gwyneth, made a green card & her twin brother, Asher, made a red one. On the cards, they put on some decos with Chinese words typed on it,"I love mommy! Happy Mother's Day".
I was very touch by this little gesture, though it is not something expensive. They hugged and kissed me when they passed the cards to me. It was such a terrific moment! I have never dreamt of that when I wanted to be a mommy.


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